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Hoshion Company, located in Zhongshan Hotspring, established in 2005. It’s an enterprise with High-New Tech specialized on the produce, research, and development of industrial aluminum profile. Great changes have taken place during the past ten years. The employees increased from quantity 20 to more than 1200, the annual capacity developed to 20000T from an extrusion line. Now the company has modernized produce site together with melting and casting process, extrusion process, drawing process, dies and tooling process, secondary process, anodizing process and finished product packing. The product is widely used in OA product, seamless pipe, aluminum extrusion profile for automobile, aluminum profile for baby car, aluminum extruding profile for electronic products, aluminum materials for home appliances, big section aluminum profile, shower enclosure, commodities series and so on.

The manage philosophy insisted by the company is to create world class superior quality products and services, change viewpoint of foreign countries on the “Made in China” and “China Enterprises” and apply ourselves to technical research, produce, manage and quality control. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was put into operation in 2001; we have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2003 and gained the certification for “Guangdong province High-New Tech enterprise” in 2007. Our products are sold to Europe & American, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong and we have became the long term vendor for FUJI, CANON, P&G, OMRON, TOYO and others international brands.

The second-period project was established and put into production in 2007. Modernized factory and humanized design make a stabile platform for the development of Hoshion. Opportunity contains wonderfulness and innovation makes great exploit.

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