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The Second China Vehicles LightweightingAluminium Application Summit
Time: 2015-03-25 14:59:20 From:admin

On 20th March 2015, in Wuhan Dunkou Changjiang hotel, the Second China Vehicles Lightweighting and Aluminium Application Summit came to a successful end, that was sponsored by Beijing Smart Strategy & Information Co., Ltd , Guangdong Hoshion Industrial Aluminium Co., Ltd, Beijing FSW Technology Co., Ltd, Alnan Aluminium inc. , Granges AluminiumShanghai) Co., Ltd. etc.

The SecondChinaVehicles Lightweighting and Aluminium ApplicationSummit

1. Clear Theme

The theme of this summit is “the development and application of aluminium alloy on transportation equipment”. The aim is to complement each other and seek common progress through communication and cooperation.

2. Participants

There were 72 companies, 136 persons, attend this summit, including the Chinese self-owned brand automobile tycoons such as China FAW Group Corporation and Dongfeng Motor Company. Most automobile enterprises came fromBeijing, such as BAIC BJEV, BAIC Group Research, CH-Auto Technology. Most of the aluminium-processing companies belong to CHALCO Group, SAPA Group and Guangdong Group. CHALCO Group: CHALCO-SWA Cold Rolling Co., Ltd, CHALCO-Northeast Light alloy Co., Ltd, CHALCO RUIMIN Co., Ltd, CHALCO Henan Aluminum Fabrication Co., Ltd.SAPA Group: SAPA Aluminium Suzhou Co., Ltd, SAPA Aluminium Jiangyin Co., Ltd, SAPA CHALCO Aluminium products Co., Ltd.Guangdong Group: Guangdong Hoshion Industrial Aluminium Co., Ltd, Kam Kiu Aluminium Group, Taiao Aluminium (Taishan) Co., Ltd, Guangdong Jianmei Aluminium Profile Factory Co., Ltd, Foshan Omav Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.42% of attendees are the vice-general manager or even higher position of their companies. They pay attention to the development and application of aluminium alloy on transportation equipment, and show the enthusiasm to cooperate with other upstream or downstream industry companies.


(1) Self-introduction and business intention presentation opportunities for 72 attend companies;


(2) 9 Key-note speeches:

.1.The discussion about the extrusion processes of 6082 alloy for automobile. (By Doctor Gao Shentian, Guangdong Hoshion Industrial Aluminium Co., Ltd)

.2.The friction stir welding technology used in automotive manufacturing.

(By Tong Jianhua, Beijing FSW Technology Co., Ltd)

.3. The production technology and product development of automotive aluminium alloy plate and strip.

(By Director Xiaogan, Alnan Aluminium inc.)

.4.The aluminum alloy application in the aerospace field.

(By Yan Shoujie, AVICBeijingInstitute of aeronautical materials)

.5. The development and application of aluminium alloy on transportation equipment and the related using situation of China FAW Group Corporation

(By Dinli, China FAW Group Corporation)

.6. The application and trend of aluminium alloy on Dongfeng van.

(By Liu Chenghu, Dongfeng Motor Company)

.7.The research and application of full aluminium semi-trailer business motor.

(By Professor Guo Qing)

.8. Aluminum alloy semi-solid forming technology and its application in traffic parts.

(By Wan Liandeng, Fujian Rheomet Light Matal co.,Ltd)

.9.The development and application research of aluminium alloy on motor.

(By Wan Dengwen, Beijing Smart Strategy & Information Co., Ltd)


 (3) Question-and-answer session

The problems include automotive aluminum alloy material quality, cost, performance index, finishing processing, die-casting, semi-solid casting, surface coating, molding, welding technology etc.



The automobile enterprises expressed their opinions about the demand of the aluminum alloy, cooperation opportunities. The aluminium-processing companies exchanged the views with the downstream enterprises about the related technology, product development and demand. The representative of ALCOA Company provided the air-aluminium cell” which used in new energy automobile. For the cooperation of the upstream and downstream enterprises, the attendees made a broad communication on the key aluminum product, connection technology, friction stir welding technology, semi-solid forming technology, the product cost, communication channel and market problem.


4. Visiting assembling line of Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Company.

The cars which made by Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Company, have been used aluminium alloy on anti-collision beam, before and after the bumper and some structure parts. The aluminium engine cover cap will be used in three types of new cars. In order to know the automobile manufacturing field environment, on 20 March, the sponsor organized the 80 attendees to visit the assembling line of Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Company.


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