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Aluminum alloy applythe electronic components
Time: 2017-08-23 09:17:20 From:admin

“Change” is a constant theme in the FMCG industry, especially for phones which played a very important role in play function. Reviewing the history of mobile phone materials, From the time that Nokia led the whole industry in plastic. And until 2014, the metal shell became the trend of industry, and it seems like that the whole industry entered the age of all-metal fuselage. With the metal homogenization and consumer’s aesthetic fatigue, From 2017, the multi-materials begin to appear, but it is still dominated by the all-metal.

With the implementation of new wireless transmission methods such as 5G and wireless charging, the electrostatic shielding of metal shell become an important technical bottleneck. According to industry experts, apple's iphone 8 and Samsung S8 will use a metal frame with curved glass. It’s meanless to discuss or speculate about how the material of mobile phone shells will develop in the next few years , but it is certain that the Smartphone industry will follow apple and Samsung’s design trends in the next two years. The metal frame with curved glass or still will be the mainstream of medium and high-end brands. And the streamline of the metal frame is integrated with curved glass to build a more comfortable sense of grip and visual.

The medium metal frame with curved glass, the requirement of medium frame especially for the strength will be higher, mainly with stainless steel (austenitic stainless steel 304) and high-strength aluminum alloy will be the mainstream.

The stainless steel ,after repeatedly stamped, forged, annealed, CNC and so on about 40 processes, and finally the polishing and PVD surface treatment becomes the medium frame. Its combination with curved glass, the whole process are similar to the exquisite craftsmanship of the clock, which shows the spirit of the metal. The material of stainless steel, however, the inherent characteristics such as strain hardening is serious, large cutting force, tool wear easily caking , such as high machining difficulty, working hours increase, greatly limit it in the high machining accuracy requirements of mobile applications. According to the industry data, the stainless steel frame processing cost is high, equivalent to two to three times the aluminum alloy.

Compared with stainless steel, aluminum alloy is more lightweight. Using the aluminum alloy frame, even you grip your Smartphone for a long time, you don’t feel the weight of it .The aluminum alloy can be treated by anodization of dozens of nano-sized oxide film holes, which can be chemically dyed and sealed and can be protected by corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant surface.At the same time, chemical staining of different compounds is used to give the surface more color, such as bright black, rose gold, grass green and so on. The diversity of colors gives the phone more personalization and caters to the demands of different consumer groups.

President jian-xiang li of Hoshion joint-stock company leading the R&D team developed 6 series material Al - Mg - Si - Cu (H638), 7 series material Al - zinc - Mg alloy (H7A3 \ H7B3), which yield strength can reach more than 380 MPa . After customer’s precision machining program and an anode oxidation (secondary) processes , aluminum medium frame get clear and transparent appearance, which can match curved glass perfectly . And the stiffness and ductility can withstand the industry's most stringent 6 4 Angle drop test which can minimize impact of the glass screen .

President Li said, Hoshion aluminum will not disappoint consumer. Hoshion will continue to develop and improve, and will be able to make better aluminum components which can match glass, ceramic, and even the sapphire , pushing aluminum alloy in the electronic components road walk farther and wider .

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