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Each year, we at least have developed a new alloy has been developed or improved 18 kinds of aluminum , continuously expand product applications . Company as a high-end aluminum alloy, aluminum extrusion and deep processing products, development, and manufacturing enterprises , technical innovation and R & D is always the first element and enhance market competitiveness and value creation of the company's development an important part .

The company has with Central South University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Northeastern University and the Industrial Technology Research Institute , Guangdong Province, and many other well-known universities and research institutes, industry launched a cooperation for the development of aluminum alloy , aluminum melt purification prospective research subjects , lay a solid foundation for the company to occupy the commanding heights of industry . Such as: 2007 South University implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Guangdong Province Combination Project "HS755 ultra high strength and toughness aluminum alloy materials research and development " ; 2008 companies in cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University , Zhongshan research project " aluminum melt " Research ; 2009 Company and Guangdong provincial Institute of industrial Technology , Northeastern University, in-depth cooperation , joint research projects , Guangdong Province, a major science and technology projects ," deep purification technology and equipment research and application of molten aluminum purification, grain refining industry commonalities technology research and application in the industrial aluminum . "


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